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This year we’re going to have a series of speakers and topics focusing on the theme of "Navigating Challenging Women’s Issues.” Whether we’re talking about assertiveness, leadership, the glass ceiling, harassment or any number of issues, it’s clear we need to focus on improving women’s lives professionally and personally. Please join us as we explore issues with our guest speakers and mark your calendar for our social events. 

2018 Calendar

May 16 - Linda Lubin Thompson "The Subtle Dynamics of Gender Bias"
July 18
September 20 - a Thursday due to the Jewish holiday
November 14 - a week early due to Thanksgiving

The Subtle Dynamics of Gender Bias with Linda Thompson
May 16, 2018

Idit Stefanson
and Galina Karpinska are our Board Members planning this event. 

Examples of unconscious gender bias are everywhere these days. Companies, becoming sensitized to the negative business effects of bias, now routinely offer classes on how to recognize unconscious bias in ourselves and others. The idea behind these classes is that people will extinguish their biases if they are just make them aware of them. And yet they persist. This presentation will discuss recent studies showing that there’s still a lot more work to do, and will suggest strategies that individuals of both genders can use, and others that HR and company leadership can deploy, to overcome unconscious gender bias in the workplace.

As an executive coach and leadership consultant, Linda Thompson draws on more than 20 years of experience as a corporate vice president and director of human resources responsible for multiple areas of talent management and leadership/organizational development. In her consulting practice, L2T Leadership Development, Linda gives her clients the feedback they need to increase their effectiveness, leverage their strengths, and build self-awareness in how their behavior impacts others. She excels at helping high-potential leaders create new possibilities to achieve breakthroughs in their goals, relationships, and team dynamics. 

Linda holds a Bachelor's degree from Skidmore College and a Master's degree from the University of Pennsylvania. She completed the Human Resource Executive Program at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business as well as the OD/HR Management program at Columbia University. Her article, Coaching Quicksand: Avoiding Hidden Dangers that Trap the Best of Us, was published in the International Journal of Coaching in Organizations. In addition to her educational and business experience, 

Linda is a recipient of the YWCA Tribute to Women and Industry Award, which recognizes women leaders who represent leadership role models for others. She has been a mentor for the WOMEN Unlimited LEAD program since 1996, and a coach for the Global Women's Leadership Network, which provides coaching to women leaders all over the world. 

- 6:00 pm: Doors open, networking
- 6:30 - 6:35 pm: Welcome and Announcements
- 6:35 - 7:35 pm: Speaker
- 7:35 - 8:30 pm: Audience Introductions, announcements, and networking
Cost: this is a free event.
Location: Buckles Smith, 540 Martin Ave., Santa Clara, CA 95050

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