Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Silicon Valley Women in HR...& Friends Mailing and Event Announcement

Dear Friends,

Another year has flown by and we’re preparing for 2019.  As a child I thought I’d never make it to 2000. Spoiler Alert: I made it!

In addition to a few general comments, I’m providing details of our January dinner and Board of Volunteers meeting. Please scroll down if you’d like to skip to event announcements and their links.

I’d like to thank Christine Young  for planning our last event as well as speaking. Her topic was job hunting during the holidays and she provided great information and encouragement. Thanks, Christine!

Let’s wish each other a Happy Holiday season. I enjoy this season and love the stories we hear about people doing extraordinary things for others, being so kind and selfless. We could all use more of those stories.

We have so many among us who dearly need our help and can use our time, money, blood, platelets, donated goods. There are many options and help is truly needed year-round. Charity Navigator has a lot of information about selecting charities, things to look for, tips and so on. They do not rank charities unless they meet certain criteria, so not all organizations are listed, even though they may be perfectly sound. 

I’m also aware that this is a time of loss and sadness for many. We have our own family losses at this time of year and we can’t help but associate the season with those people we loved. If you’re missing someone, my heart is with you.

Thanks to Our Board of Volunteers

Thanks to our Board for all of the work they’ve done this year. They’re all busy people and they have taken the time to determine events, contact speakers, reserve space, coordinate with hosts and speakers and lead events. They are shaping the direction of our group and I’m grateful to each friend on our Board. You can see our full list of Board Members on our site

Join Our Board of Volunteers Meeting January 26

Our next Board meeting is January 26, a Saturday morning, and you’re welcome to join us. Please RSVP on this page.  

Kick-Off Dinner January 16

Please join us for our next event, a dinner at Pedro’s in Santa Clara. This was the scene of our first dinner and it should be delicious and fun. Please RSVP on this page

Please join us on LinkedIn and Facebook

I hope to see you soon!

All the best,


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