Sunday, December 29, 2019

Silicon Valley Women in HR...& Friends Mailing and Event Announcement

Dear Friends,

Our last group event was planned by Jenny Vonderwerth, our new leader. I usually post a few thoughts and then go on to group information and an event update. You can scroll down to find everything.

Important Group Announcement

I have retired from the group and am helping with these announcements for a few months. Jenny Vonderwerth is leading the group and hope you'll join them in monthly meetings. We have a LinkedIn Group and are on Facebook and events are posted on Eventbrite. I hope you join us at future events and online.

A Few Thoughts

My retirement from work came at a time when I was on the bubble: I could retire or I could continue. I had options, and because we knew there were upcoming family needs, we consulted a financial advisor. We had a loved one with needs and I was the logical person to help. Those needs were unpredictable and I could not commit to a work schedule or provide live workshops and webinars.

The past three years have been sometimes routine, sometimes hectic and scary, not knowing what a phone call or visit would mean - could be a day in the emergency room or could be the doctor and pharmacy, could be physical therapy or one of many routine doctor visits.

I'm glad that my skills learned at work: resource location over the Internet, legal information, project management, were all useful.

Our loved one died in September and we have been busy with our plans to take cremains (cremated remains) to another state, manage estate paperwork, dispose of property and go through boxes of papers.

I continued to write during this time but the work is dark and I don't think I'll send it for publishing. I joined other casual groups and saw friends as I could. Not everything was difficult.

It was a huge emotional and learning experience and an important time for all of us. I will wind up writing about it on the retirement blog listed in my signature line.

Event - January 15, 2019,  6-8 PM: Don't Put Your Company in Jeopardy!

Another year has flown by and SVWHR group is preparing for 2020. Let’s kick off the new year with a fun-filled game show that will help you and your company navigate a slew of new laws and avoid traps for the unwary. The presentation will be led by Jane Kow, Principal, and Founder of HR Law Consultants. Jane will keep you and your teammates on your toes as you test your knowledge on the changes in CA employment laws, which will cover a broad range of topics from payment of wages, salary history inquiries, broader protections for employees under the CA Fair Employment & Housing Act, leaves of absence, arbitration agreements, confidentiality and no rehire provisions in separation agreements, independent contractor arrangements ... and more! Don't forget to RSVP yourself and your guests.

Event information is on Eventbrite.

Best wishes,


Marcia Stein, SHRM-CP PHR
Author: "Strained Relations: Help for Struggling Parents of Troubled Teens" "Recruiters on Recruiting”