Thursday, August 7, 2014

Silicon Valley Women in HR...& Friends Mailing and Event Announcement

Dear Friends,

How are you?  It's already August and I don't know how the time flew!

If you strictly want information about our next event, please look at the links to the right and go to Event Registration.  Before you go, please check out the links at the bottom of this page. 

Many thanks to 
Karen Duffy, Galina Karpinska, SPHR-CA and Margaret Almeida for planning last month's networking party.  I was delayed so badly in traffic that I missed it, and I was so sorry!  I heard from several people how much fun they had and that new friendships were forming.  We really appreciate the space Lori Baerenstecher of Filice Insurance provided and for Filice's warm hospitality.

I have a personal update:  I'm working on another book and you're invited to help.  I have written two books: "Recruiters on Recruiting" and "Strained Relations: Help for Struggling Parents of Troubled Teens."  (Available on websites or in-person; I've always got books in the trunk.)

For around four years, I've been thinking about producing two more, and I'm starting to work on one with the topic "here's what happened at work - you won't believe it" stories from HR professionals and employment lawyers.  These can be funny stories, the "OMG!" events, anything you think would be interesting, surprising and of value to others.  You can participate electronically or by personal interview, and you can use your own name or I can make up a name for you.  Please see my site for details; I hope to hear from you!

I'm relieved and grateful to tell you we have spaces for our events this year.  Next year - that's a whole other topic!  Please start thinking now if your company can commit to hosting us a couple of times next year.

This is a reminder that I am going to move us away from maintaining the Forum and encourage you to use our LinkedIn Group for posting.  This will be a gradual change on the technical side.  More people are using LinkedIn than the forum at this point, and it has been challenging to register people, help them through password problems and other maintenance issues.  It served a great purpose for a long time, and it was all my husband's idea.  Bill is an Electrical Engineer but he learned some code, set up our board, and taught me how to update and maintain it.  Many people have posted resumes, jobs and events over the years, and I know a lot of people found work as a result.  It honestly makes me very happy and proud to know it was so successful.  Thank you, Bill!

1. HR Women and Friends Event: 8/20/2014 with Patricia Stokke
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7. Potential Speakers/Topics
8. Notifying us of upcoming events and discounts.

1. HR Women and Friends Event: 8/20/2014 with Patricia Stokke.  Her topic is "Integrating a Global Perspective Into the Organization."  Please click on the registration tab for details and to RSVP.  I hope you're able to attend!

2. Discounts and Offers – view them on our discount page. Thanks to everyone for extending the discounts to our group!

3. We have a Forum at
I am moving away from maintaining the Forum and encourage you to use our LinkedIn Group for posting.  On the Forum, you can view messages without registering. It’s your responsibility to keep track of your user name and password, and if you change email addresses, please log in and update your profile. If privacy is an issue, please be careful when you post anything: use a separate email if necessary and you can skip your street address if you’d like.

4. SPAM Filter Alert: please add to your address book.

5. To change your email address, click here and go to the correct form.

6. Unsubscribe: To discontinue mailings please respond with "UNSUBSCRIBE" in the subject line or go to the form. If you receive mail at more than one email address, please note all addresses to delete.

7. Potential Speakers/Topics. Please see for details and a form to submit your information.  This will be reviewed during the January 2015 meeting.

8. Notifying us of upcoming events and discounts. If you email me right after I’ve sent a mailing, I can update the website, but I can’t send a separate mailing to the group. It will be in the next mailing.Because of my commitments I can’t mentor you, and please don’t send me unsolicited resumes. Come to an event and meet someone who can help. I receive a lot of unsolicited resumes (from our group and strangers) and I refer people to our LinkedIn Group. See the blog post for more thoughts.

We have a page on our site for 
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I hope to see you soon.

All the best,


Marcia Stein, PHR -
Author: "Strained Relations: Help for Struggling Parents of Troubled Teens" and "Recruiters on Recruiting"