Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Silicon Valley Women in HR...& Friends Mailing and Event Announcement

Dear Friends,

I hope you're well.

We hold formal meetings once every two months, and for those in-between months, we encourage you to plan coffee, lunch, dinner or an event on your own. You can use our LinkedIn group to publicize your event. This will give you some latitude in location and timing, and that should help more of us come out and meet each other.

Hang in there, everyone. We only have a few more months of campaigning! I went to a company to provide some training and I was surprised to know they regularly argue about politics. It's a topic I like to avoid at work - people are so passionate, angry or upset (or all of this and more0 that it seems best to leave that out of work. A new acquaintance said she just dropped an old friend due to different views of the candidates. I would hate to see this kind of response in the workplace, wouldn't you? Do you have political discussions in your workplace?

It's exciting to me to have a great panel discussing recruiting at our next event and I hope you can attend. I have recruited for a long time and this is one of my favorite topics. There are several different types of recruiters and they serve different functions in the process. I'm sure we'll learn a lot in this event.

Our July 20 Community Event
We have a terrific panel led by Vinnie Warren. Our panelists include Jack Warren,  Lesley HunterLaney Donahue-Nott and Steve Kohler. Our topic is "Ask the Recruiter: A Question and Answer Panel Event." Please see the event details and RSVP link by clicking here. If you want to attend you MUST RSVP.

Please Join Our LinkedIn Group or Subscribe to this Blog
Please join our group on LinkedIn so you’ll be updated on announcements and posts. Because it is much easier to send mail through LinkedIn than my home email, I strongly encourage you to join the group. You can post articles of interest, questions, meetings, resumes and jobs. Starting in January 2017, I will no longer send group emails from my personal address. If you're not on LinkedIn, you can follow this blog for announcements and updates.

Thank You for Our Last Event
Idit Stefanson, CEBS, PHR organized last month's event and did a great job. Many thanks to Amber George and Jennifer Shih from Simmons & Ungar LLP who presented an Immigration Basics Overview. 

Not only do I hope to see you at our next event, I do hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to plan some extra networking events. I would love to attend some!

All the best,


Author: "Strained Relations: Help for Struggling Parents of Troubled Teens" and "Recruiters on Recruiting"



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