Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Silicon Valley Women in HR...& Friends Mailing and Event Announcement

Dear Friends,

How are you doing? I sincerely hope this will be a great year for you.

In addition to some brief comments this note will cover:
    1. Our January 17 Event
    2. Meeting for Volunteers: January 27
    3. Survey Results

I've written before about harassment complaints and how pervasive this is and where to go to learn more including the EEOC website, the SHRM site, classes, workshops or webinars. There's good training available and it's vital that you understand the topic and your role in dealing with it , both as a potential victim and as a professional.

As professionals, we owe it to ourselves and our careers to seek out our own ongoing education and stay on top of new developments, trends and legal updates. The one thing I've heard that bothers me the most is that the person's company won't pay tuition so the person doesn't take classes.

I know many HR people who have tremendous experience, participate in ongoing education, but I also know people who have no curiosity, no interest, or think they have neither need nor time to learn more about their occupation. And  you know what? This ticks me off more than most complaints because people generalize about HR people. If they encounter someone who doesn't know the law and cannot research and understand an issue, take remedial actions or proactive measures, the assumption is that no HR person is professional. You may have encountered this kind of attitude and it's there for a reason. Please don't be one of those people!

1. Our next speaker is Susan Strong and her topic i"Women In Business: Ambition Is Not A Dirty Word". Here's a statement from her topic description: "The inability to stand up for themselves and the lack of strong negotiation skills is an important barrier that is keeping women from rising in organizations." What can you learn that will help you in your career and what information can you share with others? You can view details on our Event Calendar page and save the dates of future events.

Oakwood Worldwide hosted our group in 2017 and will do so again this year. They have been wonderful to us. 

2. Our Volunteers will meet January 27, a Saturday morning. To learn more about volunteering and register to help this year, please view our Volunteers page.

3. We re-opened our short survey to learn your thoughts about our group. A summary of responses can be found by clicking here. I hope this link works for you. Volunteers will be reviewing this survey in our meetings this month.

I hope to see you at our next event.

All the best,


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