Friday, May 1, 2020

Silicon Valley Women in HR...& Friends Mailing and Event Announcement

Dear Friends,

Our group events are now planned by Jenny Vonderwerth, our new leader. I have retired from work and the group and am helping with these announcements for a few months. Jenny Vonderwerth is leading the group and her team has planned monthly meetings. We have a LinkedIn Group and are on Facebook and events are posted on Eventbrite. Please join the group at future events and online.Please note that the group name has changed tBay Area HR Connections

Our last event was "Cultivating Mindfulness Amid Change and Uncertainty: A Practical Conversation in Difficult Times" with Michal Rinkevich, VP of Wellness Services at McGriff in San Jose.

Due to the outbreak and safety concerns with COVID-19,  the last meeting was a virtual meeting thanks to WebEx. I think many of us are getting used to having virtual meetings and learning how to best utilize the tools.

I usually post a few thoughts and then go on to group information and an event update. You can scroll down to find everything.

A Few Thoughts

This will be my last post for a little while. We've had some losses in our family. Friends' posts on social media are sad with many people who've lost family and did not have the benefit of meeting other mourners in person, experiencing other people's love, respect and admiration for their loved ones. Given the over 65,000 people who have died in the USA at the time I write this, there are many thousands of people who are missing final ceremonies and comfort.

There are also people missing joyous events: graduations, weddings, births and parties, simple social gatherings. They are also missing their jobs and incomes and are terribly worried about that. Many people are able to work at home thanks to technology. We miss simple things like taking a walk with a friend, meeting someone over coffee, hanging out in the library or going to the movies.

This time will eventually pass and we will see changes in our society. I wonder what will changes are in store for you, your family, your company? What decisions will you make that are different from pre-COVID? I've talked with parents of younger children and they have noticed how much more relaxed their families are when they're not rushing to all kinds of activities. Many people enjoy the opportunity to skip the traffic and just do their work. Will more companies embrace telework?

Some people may find the time to explore other options: technical school, college, job changes. Fewer but more meaningful activities and time with family and friends. We have life options and this is a good time to reflect on what we really want.

Virtual Event - May 20,  6-8 PM 

The next event is "Remote Work Works: Onboarding and Enhancing the Employee Experience" with Kandi Gongora. She is the Vice President of People and Organizational Excellence at Goodway Group, where she leads people experience, center of excellence, strategic and organizational development. Click here for details.

Future Events will be held every month on the 3rd Wednesday. 

Take care. Stay healthy and safe.

All the Best,


Marcia Stein, SHRM-CP PHR
Author: "Strained Relations: Help for Struggling Parents of Troubled Teens" "Recruiters on Recruiting”