Thursday, August 23, 2018

Silicon Valley Women in HR...& Friends Mailing and Event Announcement

Dear Friends,

Happy August! I hope you're well and happy.

In addition to some brief comments this note will cover our September event. 

Thanks to Pam Sheppard and Diane Cusano who planned our Summer Social. It was a hit!

Thursday, September 20: Bob Loftis presents "Coaching Others to Manage Workplace Emotions"

Often women are expected to be the nurturers in the office to help others handle their emotions. Dropping into the role of a coach can help lift this burden and assist the other person to come to terms with their feelings. See details and RSVP and on Eventbrite.

And now for a few words...

I was listening to a Senator Kamala Harris who compared the government to a table with 4 legs: the President, Congress, the Supreme Court and the Fourth Estate, a free press. If one of those legs is not working, the table will wobble.

Did you know that the free press is the only profession outside of government that is specifically protected? Our Founding Fathers knew the importance of free and open communication. They had no idea the challenges we'd face in these times! I have some additional information about vetting news sources on my other blog and refer you to the following articles:

    "Constitutional protection: The First and Fourth Amendments"
    "The Fourth Estate As The Final Check"

I hope to see you at our next event!

All the best,


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