Monday, April 6, 2020

Silicon Valley Women in HR...& Friends Mailing and Event Announcement

Dear Friends,

Our group events are now planned by Jenny Vonderwerth, our new leader.

Due to the outbreak and safety concerns with COVID-19,  the last meeting was canceled but we will have a virtual meeting thanks to WebEx! Scroll down for details.

I usually post a few thoughts and then go on to group information and an event update. You can scroll down to find everything.

Important Group Announcement

I have retired from the group and am helping with these announcements for a few months. Jenny Vonderwerth is leading the group and her team has planned monthly meetings. We have a LinkedIn Group and are on Facebook and events are posted on Eventbrite. Please join us at future events and online.

A Few Thoughts

It's amazing to see how much everyday life can change in such a short time. Maybe "amazing" doesn't cover it. Head-spinning. Scary. Lonely. Sad. Worrisome. Depressing. All kinds of words suit the times.

Let's talk about two issues: COVID-19 and the economy.

I retired a couple of years ago to help a late family member. I follow the news without going overboard to maintain my sanity and avoid depression. I can exercise while keeping a distance and wearing a mask, otherwise I stay at home unless there's an urgent need.  My outside activities are very limited.

My husband is lucky as he has his job and can work from home. He is fortunate to keep his job and we hope that remains the case. So many people have reduced hours or lost jobs and are in for a tough, stressful time. My heart goes out to each person who is worried about routine bills, food and shelter.

If you are on the Nextdoor website, you can find resources and local help. Here's my invitation to join the site. There are many sites with reliable information and the latest knowledge of this new disease. I usually go to KQED, our local PBS station. The Mercury News, our local paper, also has good updates and articles.

Several subscription news sites are free of charge for COVID-19 Information. The Washington Post has a good page regarding people who are laid-off or furloughed. The New York Times has an excellent free page with information and resources and you can create a free login for just that page. NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, has created an excellent downloadable brochure.

Knowing you are part of a larger community, that there are resources and networks of people to assist can be helpful. One of our neighbors sent an email to people on our block offering shopping help or other help as needed for those who ask. There are a lot of people stepping up like that and it helps reinforce my faith in community.

I appreciate each person on the food chain from growing food, picking it, driving it, processing, distributing, and those on the receiving end stocking shelves and making food for others. How about all of the people who work in medical clinics and hospitals so heroically? It's easy to think about technology workers and their ability to work from home but other people work to sustain the rest of us. And they all do it at their own risk, sometimes because there is economic need.

This is a complicated situation and I wonder about the long-term changes which will come about as a result of what we're learning.

Virtual Event - April 15,  6-8 PM: 

Cultivating Mindfulness Amid Change and Uncertainty: A Practical Conversation in Difficult Times

Event description is on Eventbrite.

Future Events will be held every month on the 3rd Wednesday. 

Take care. Stay healthy and safe.

All the Best,


Marcia Stein, SHRM-CP PHR
Author: "Strained Relations: Help for Struggling Parents of Troubled Teens" "Recruiters on Recruiting”

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