Thursday, May 26, 2011

Step Right Up and Earn Your HRCI Recertification Points!

I earned my PHR and have recertified several times, always scrambling to get enough points to avoid that test.

The HRCI announced that you can now earn recertification points through blogging.  This site is set up so you can be an occasional blogger, share information and get your name out there, too.

You are responsible for adhering to the HRCI guidelines, and I cannot guarantee your points.  You can read the HRCI information on their website.

If you’d like to post, write your piece to the HRCI specifications.  (My first post is opinion and does not meet their criteria.)  Send your post as a Comment - it will not show on the website but I'll receive it.  Include the subject line, your bio and links to your LinkedIn page and/or website/s. I will not edit posts but will review them quickly if I have time.

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