Thursday, June 25, 2015

Silicon Valley Women in HR...& Friends Mailing and Event Announcement

Dear Friends,

How's your summer? Having fun?

I start my posts with a few personal notes and then delve into upcoming events. You can skip down to event announcements, but I encourage you to read this important update about our group.

Our team of volunteers met in January, and we decided to hold formal meetings once every two months, and for those in-between months, we encourage you to plan coffee, lunch, dinner or an event on your own! You can use our LinkedIn group to publicize your event. This will give you some latitude in location and timing, and that should help more of us come out and meet each other.

Please join our group on LinkedIn so you’ll be updated on announcements and posts.

I've been cleaning out some of my accumulated paperwork. You know how it is when you go to a lot of workshops, webinars, seminars and conferences? It's compounded when one creates training materials and workshops as I do, and I had clipped a lot of articles to review or on which to base training. I also shredded old invoices (I keep electronic copies) and was surprised by the number of companies I had forgotten. So many of those companies went under or were acquired, but a couple of them went on to big things. It's interesting to think about these companies, and I always wonder what did them in. Sometimes it is so clearly evident that a college freshman would see the problems, but other things can be far more complicated and nuanced.

I have to say it's fairly liberating to get rid of the paperwork and clean out my filing cabinets, and it feels like there's a real load off of my mind. I'm sure professional organizers have many studies about the benefits. I dedicated myself to discard at least 10 items/day, and sometimes it's much more, other times I'm stretching to reach my goal. It's a wonderful summertime project.

Our July 15 Community Event

This event is open to all, and the topic is “3 Big Mistakes that Lead Professionals to being Unappreciated, Under-utilized and Unmotivated in the Workplace” with our guest speaker Clara Chorley. Please RSVP if you're attending. If anything comes up at the last minute and I need to reach attendees, I can't do it unless you have registered. Additionally, we will need to escort you inside the building so being on time is essential for this event. You can read about our event here and if you’re attending, please register.

Thank You for Our Last Event

Our Planners and Volunteers were Amy McGhieDiane Cusano and Ginny Conboy. The topic was “The Affordable Care Act and its Impact On HR: Critical Things Every HR Professional Needs to Know" with Jenny Vonderwerth, SPHR-CA,CIP A download is available and you can find other downloads from many of our speakers by clicking here.

Not only do I hope to see you at our next event, I do hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to plan some extra networking events. I would love to attend some!

All the best,


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