Thursday, June 29, 2017

Silicon Valley Women in HR...& Friends Mailing and Event Announcement

Dear Friends,

How are you? How's your summer?

Our last event was planned by Diane Cusano and Kirti Mehrotra. Arda Ozdemir presented "Women's Self-Empowerment Movement," and this was another one of those talks I really needed! I've learned some relaxation techniques which should serve me well. Crafthouse Cocktails had a table set up for tasting and I thank everyone for this great event. 

As I mentioned before (you may have missed it) I'm semi-retired. That means I'm not actively marketing but will provide some training if contacted. I'm still working with this group and encouraging our volunteers. This is a wonderful team! I have a blog about retirement. I'm also helping an elderly relative. (You can read a bit about that on my other blog.)

Because retirement is liberating, I can write more openly about some issues in HR and local companies. 

I have to write about Uber. They had already been dealing with complaints and actions regarding employment classifications and wages when Susan Fowler, a former employee, wrote a scathing blog post outlining the harassment and sexism she experienced at Uber. The company hired former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate and make recommendations, and they reviewed over 200 complaints resulting in the firing of 20 people. 

Sidenote: why wouldn't they have hired a great local attorney like Jane Kow or Allison West? They've both presented at major conferences, both have stellar reputations, have local resources and probably don't have the same fee structure as Mr. Holder.

Considering the wretched mess that happened at Uber, the fallout will continue for some time. The CEO stepped down, they lost many people in management, they are paying a fortune in fees and will probably pay out a lot of money in legal actions. They have to change their corporate culture and repair their reputation with customers who deleted the Uber app.

And it was all so avoidable, don't you think?

Our next event is July 19 with Ching Valdezco presenting "Simply Said: Communicate Better at Work and Beyond." Please click here to read all about it and RSVP if you're coming.

I hope to see you at our next event!

All the best,


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